Kjøkken Kroken Restaurant

Whether you're dressed up in your finest outfit and have been looking forward for a night our for month,

or got a sudden urge for a dinner one night, come as you are, sit back and

let us give you a nice experience

"because we believe good food belongs in the mountains"

Marcus and Siri


Kjøkken Kroken Chefs


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Kjøkken Kroken dessert

Table reservation

The table is initially reserved for 2 hours. Please let us know if you want the table longer - that's just nice!


Groups of more than 10 people must send an email to booking@kjokkenkroken.no

If there are days when it says that we are full or you cannot find the time you want in our online booking system, contact us and we will try to find a solution. 

Welcome to us!



Hemsedalsvegen 2980



Hemsedalsvegen 2980

+47 32059966

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